Refund policy

Warranty & Return Policy
Limited Warranty – Your Boneeboard electric skateboards are covered by a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty. Damage as a result of abuse, misuse, neglect, negligence, accident or exposure to water is not covered. Modification of components and/or tampering with the electronics voids the warranty. Perishable items like wheels, belts, and bearings, are excluded from warranty and are available for purchase through our website.

What is the refund policy?
You can get a refund within 1~3 business days, if you cancel the order before we ship it out. Also the cancel will cost some commission charges from PayPal , the fee is 4.4%. For example ,your order total$1000, then the fee is $1000*4.4%=$44, then we will refund you $1000-$44=$956. This is not charged by us ,it is charged by the PayPal.

Once the board is shipped out if there is any issue with the product you received. Please contact us for customer service and we will solve your problem in the shortest time. In this case, please offer us the detailed pictures and videos so that our customer service team can transfer it to our engineering team and fix the problems as quickly as we can. Thanks!

Returning orders after delivery – Not Wanted

Boneeboard 's products are kept & stored in part form. The assembled products that you purchase, they are assembled by hand to order here in the China Time & costs,
including brand new parts & packaging go into making every single order... Of course you can return un-wanted purchases,
but if you wish to return goods that are simply not-wanted,
then you must understand that time,
money & new parts have gone into the order under your instruction & in order to recover these costs there will be a service fee of 20% of the Purchase value to cover the labour used to produce the order.

Goods returned to Boneeboard should be well packaged, with all items sent in the original order included in the box, the box should be well wrapped and the goods should be well protected for safe transit.
The goods should be sent on a tracked service to prevent any loss, this cost is to be covered by the customer & failure to get the returned goods delivered back to Boneeboard is 100% your responsibility.

Goods being returned Not Wanted should be sent to

Name: Microworks Electronic Mechanical Co., Ltd
Address: Room 503, NO.7, Queshan New #2 Village, Gaofeng community, Dalang block, Longhua district, Shenzhen

Upon receiving the goods back we will inspect the goods to make sure all the contents are in perfect condition as they should be and that there are no marks or damages to the products you have returned to us.
If we do not receive the goods back in the same condition they have been sent to you then the management will contact you to tell you this, we will provide photographic evidence of any damages included poor packaging images which are often the cause of transport damages, but you are responsible to ensure they are packaged well so that we receive them in good condition as you do not want further deductions being taken from the amount refunded to you.

Upon inspection & establishing that everything is fine with your returned items, the deduction for the unwanted items & cost of Shipping to send the goods to you, along with any further deductions relating to damaged when returned, will be detailed and then deducted from your refund total, the refund will be processed through paypal and a copy of the refund will be sent though to you once it is processed by us.