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2WD Super AIBEE-1000 Electric skateboard Mountainboard ESK8 offroad longboard

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Top speed  (miles):       35

Ranges (miles) :             optional    31 / 62 

Load Max (KG):             150

Speed modes:                4modes 

Deck length (INCH):      40

Deck layers:                     9

Deck material:             bamboo

Motor:                          6374*2

moter power (W):        3000W 

Power (WH):          12S4P 852WH / 12S8P 1704WH

battery brand:              panasonic

Wheel hub:                alloy aluminum

Wheel:                        200x75mm

Charging voit (V):        DC-50.4V

Net weight (KG):          17 

Gross weight (kg):        22

Product size (MM):        1150*397*217 

Package size (MM):       1190*415*230 

Accessories:                    charger /T-tools 

                                         User Manual/inflator

                                         New Remote+USB cable



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
AIBEE - 1000

Awesome board with a lot of power and range, motors are huge, made a first ride in 0 celsius, winter, and after 15km battery indicator showed still full battery.
It has a good water protection, after a mud test as you can see on photo its still rocks. Would definatelly reccomend. The seller is responsive, when i had a questions, answers at the same day.
Доска впечатлила, при нуле градусов после 15 км показывало полный заряд аккумулятора. Хотя и не удивительно при таком огромном акуме. Огни яркие, в горку рвёт на максимальной скорости. Моторы чуть теплые.
Лучшее в плане мощность дальность что я нашёл. Всё остальное либо не соответсвует либо цена уходит в небо. Я доволен.

Aibee Electric Skateboard

Range king and absolute monster. Improved motors and fat 200 mm tires with a non DKP truck makes it very stable. Would definitely recommend with one hell of a price for a 60 mile range skateboard.

John Ryder
Super Electric Skateboard

Great, this is the electric skateboard I want, it's made for me, it's perfect, the experience is great!