Refund policy

Warranty and return policy
Limited Warranty-Your AIBEE electric skateboard is covered by a 6-month manufacturer's warranty. Damage caused by abuse, misuse, negligence, negligence, accident or contact with water is not included. Modification of parts and/or tampering of electronic equipment will void the warranty. Perishable items such as wheels, belts and bearings are not covered by the warranty and can be purchased through our website.
What is the refund policy?
If you cancel the order before we ship it, you can get a refund within 1~3 working days.

Once the circuit board is shipped out, if there is any problem with the product you received. Please contact our customer service, we will solve your problem in the shortest possible time. In this case, please provide us with detailed pictures and videos so that our customer service team can transfer them to our engineering team and solve the problem as soon as possible. thanks
Return after shipment-not required

AIBEE's products retain some forms. The assembled product you purchased was manually assembled and ordered within China's time and cost.
Every order includes brand new parts and packaging...Of course, you can return what you don’t need,
But if you want to return goods that you don’t need at all,
Then you have to understand the time,
Under your guidance, funds and new parts have been placed in the order. In order to recover these costs, a service fee of 20% of the purchase value will be charged to cover the labor used in the production order.

Goods returned to Aibo should be packed, all items sent from the original order should be packed, the boxes should be packed, and the goods should be transported safely.
The goods should be sent through the tracking service to prevent any loss, and the cost should be borne by the customer. You are 100% responsible for the failure to return the returned goods to AIBEE.

Unwanted goods returned should be sent to

Name: Shenzhen Weigong Electronic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address: Room 503, Chuangkehui, Yuanfen Metro Station, Longhua District, Shenzhen

After receiving the goods, we will inspect the goods to ensure that all goods are intact and that the products you return to us have no traces or damage.
If the state of the goods we receive is different from the state of the goods sent to you, the manager will contact you to tell you this, and we will provide any photo evidence of damage, including bad packaging images, which is usually the cause of the damage. Shipping damage , But you are responsible for ensuring that they are well packed so that we can receive the goods in good condition, because you do not want to deduct them from the amount returned to you.

After checking and confirming that the returned items are intact, we will indicate the deduction amount of the excess items, the shipping cost of sending the goods to you, and any further deductions related to the damage at the time of return, and then deduct it from your total refund amount . The refund will be processed through PayPal, and once we have processed it, a copy of the refund will be sent to you.