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AIBEE-101 Electric Skateboard with Remote Control Hub Motors 700W Range 60-70KM 60KM Top Speed 3 Speed Adjustment Load up to 300 Lbs 9 Ply Bamboo Longboard

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect if you want something with great range and power and easy to manage

this board is great if you want something that you don't need to change the belts on and is quiet while you still have the comfort and power. I would like to see some other wheel options and a belt version, but the range and power are great and it's a fantastic board for commuting with and general riding.
I have a full review of it on youtube so check it out there-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXNGjUXstcs&t=200s

Little skateboard test drive review.

Hello Andrew here, i would like to share a honest review about the aibee-101. When i rechieved the board i was impressed with the looks, functions and driving it. The board was doing pretty well and i was able to hit about 50 kmph with my weight and gear (82 kg) i was driving in great weather with about 15 celcius and not much wind at all... i managed to get a range of 35/40 km while driving around 26 kmph average. I was really hoping to hit a better range with this board because it was listed as 60-70 km. but the driving is really smooth and the braking and acceleration is really nice, the board took about 5-6 hours to charge and i was well suprised by the power it was able to do going up hill. The reason why this board is not able to hit 50-70 km is unknown to me. I hope aibee is going to help me out and maybe fix the issue because im really hoping to get atleast 50km out the board driving at normal speeds.. CONLUSION: Its a good board for driving on flat road, is silent, can be really FAST (for hubmotors) ,and the display with the remote control is also nice. This board is great after all and is also really good for driving at night, i have some future plans upcoming and i will make a video review on the board driving it and doing a live test.

Customer support

The customer support is great! People from aibee give answer to all my questions in a short time, if there are any issue's they will provide you with help. If i have the aibee-101 board i will do a full review on it with video's!