Shipping policy
Transportation country and transportation time
We have three modes of transportation: sea, air and rail.
Accessories within 0.5 kg:
$15 for express delivery
Extra weight/kg: $10
Electric skateboard transportation:
Transportation country and transportation time
United States of America
7-15 days
10-20 days
Europe-Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
15-20 days

Asia-Japan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan Province, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kazakhstan
10-15 days

Australia-Australia, New Zealand
15-20 days
Should I pay the freight?
Transportation cost of electronic skateboard-it is free to go by sea. There will be a small extra charge for flying, depending on the country.

Attachment freight-If the order amount exceeds $50, the freight will be free. If not, the customer will be charged $15 for shipping.
Time to receive items-There are two key factors that will affect the time when you receive items.
1) project processing time
After receiving your order, we need some time to test the product to ensure its quality. Different projects have different processing time. The average processing time is 1.5 working days; However, it varies with the inventory status of items. If the quantity is small, the processing time will be 1-2 days; if the quantity is large, it will take about 1-3 days.
2) mode of transportation
After receiving your order, we will choose the method that suits you best. We usually choose the following delivery methods:
DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, FEDEX and airmail

Please note:
The transportation time will also be different from the size or weight of your items and your location. What we listed above is the time of arrival in major countries and regions in the world; As for other countries, they may need longer delivery time.
If you ship goods directly from AIBEE, you also need to remember that customs clearance in your country may increase the delay and tax or recipient's fees, so check your local customs, chat with AIBEE about this, and make sure that you and your end customers know this in advance. AIBEE has several regular buyers, and you can start your own international sales business with our help.

way of transportation
We will send your goods to you by air express. The mode of delivery varies according to different situations in your country. We provide the following modes of transportation: DHL, EMS, UPS, TNT, FEDEX and airmail.
Because customs clearance will delay the delivery time, please choose the most convenient method. For example, UPS in North America and Europe is the fastest, while DHL in Africa is fast and cheap. Please note:
Speedpost and airmail are convenient for customs clearance, but they need more time. It usually takes 6-10 working days for EMS to reach major countries in North America and Europe. Air mail will take 12-30 working days.
B) Sometimes airmail can take more than 45 days to reach some countries. Please be patient.
Sometimes, due to regional restrictions, we have to change the courier you choose, but if the courier is changed later, you will not be charged extra fees.

Track your items by tracking number.
After the order package is sent out, we will send you a tracking number by e-mail so that you can track the order.

How to pay import duties?
Before placing an order, you must know the import tariff rules of your country. As we all know, many countries don't impose import duties on private goods, samples and goods below the specified value.
Please note:
AIBEE is not responsible for import duties and customs charges. As we are in China, we don't know your customs tax policy, so we don't know how to predict the import tax and other related expenses that should be paid in your country when goods pass through your customs.
AIBEE will not add any sales tax or hidden expenses to the order.

We make every effort to ensure the quality of your products.
AIBEE is a high-tech product from Chinese mainland factory.
These factories are usually the original equipment manufacturers of large and well-known electronic skateboard parts brands. The quality of their products is very good. Instead, in order to further guarantee the quality of your purchased products, AIBEE, we have established strict quality control procedures for all products.
Every product you bought, AIBEE, has been quality controlled by our quality control technicians before leaving the factory, which is a double check of the factory quality control inspection.
All products have been visually inspected.
All products have been opened and their main functions have been tested one by one.
Check all packages to make sure they contain the correct accessories. Battery, remote control, battery life, charging, liquid crystal display. ...

Common problems in shipping process
A) due to the delay or failure of customs clearance in China (for example, it is common for products with batteries to encounter this problem), we will choose other methods such as DHL or TNT to deliver the goods to you and refund the price difference to you;
B) If international express delivery can't reach some space addresses (such as email or military bases), we will choose an appropriate way to deliver your products and return the price difference;
C) During Christmas (December), the number of parcels arriving in Hong Kong increases rapidly, which will lead to the waiting time of all products. At that time, we will choose UPS or EMS to send your products and return the price difference;
D) When the package arrives at the customs of the destination country, in some cases, they may need to contact you to confirm the details of the shipment. The expenses incurred by the customs clearance procedure shall be paid by the consignee;
E) The expenses caused by the rejection of the parcel shall be borne by the consignee;
F) Additional expenses caused by certain circumstances (such as unclear address or inability to contact the consignee) shall be paid by the consignee; If the package is destroyed by the customs, the consignee will also pay the cost;
G) For the detention problem caused by the failure of customs clearance, we will resend the product or refund (excluding freight).

Ways to solve transportation problems
First of all, shipping problems are rare. We check all orders to ensure that couriers have enough delivery information and provide tracking details to customers so that they can know when to deliver.
AIBEE will provide comprehensive assistance to the problems in the transportation process, including:
A) In these cases, if the package is obviously damaged or the package or goods are damaged during transportation, the customer can refuse to accept the goods and clearly explain the problem to the courier. Then the customer must contact AIBEE, and we will work this out with the courier. Once the problem is confirmed, we will follow up the insurance claim by express delivery and send the replacement order to the customer as soon as possible. This kind of situation is actually very rare.
B) If the package is lost or wrongly sent due to an accident or the fault of the courier, we will seek insurance claims from the courier and create a replacement invoice for the customer as soon as possible.
C) The package is sent to the wrong address: In this case, AIBEE will cooperate with the courier to solve the problem and deliver the new product to the customer as soon as possible.
Please also refer to the public terms and conditions of express delivery for shipment. After you sign for the goods, their terms and conditions will include the claim for damages and the time limit for complaints.

Concluding remarks
All products come from AIBEE. The warranty period is 180 days, and the warranty scope is repair or replacement. The warranty period starts when the original consignee receives the goods, regardless of whether the original consignee is the end user or distributor. If you have any use problems or are not satisfied with our products, please feel free to contact us, and we will sincerely consult questions.